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Message From Chairman

All praises for almighty Allah who has created everything with plan, who has endowed and sent human beings giving wisdom, conscience and science and some responsibilities. Our exertion is to comply with the part of that responsibility. After passing hundreds of eras a new era comes with new dream and new hopes to be fulfilled.
Bangladesh is a country of heritage and history. She has gradually been advancing with her own glory surpassing thousands of hindrances. With the passage of time, change of occurs to society, country and people.
In order to uplift this country many dignitaries and noblemen contributed throughout the passage of time. New people with new vigor are engaged in this trend today. We are also striving to attach ourselves to the advancement exertion. We want to get the golden zenith of success with honesty and transparency, reliance, trust and with sound confidence.
Our social commitment is to mange work for all, housing for all, Moreover, with sound planning management. We want to secure employment for all in order to be the pioneer to the advancement of the country.
Our working and service commitment is to ensure the best architectural and structural quality for construction and maintain Supplying product quality as well as competitive price. We never compromise with quality of its products and services and we always try to follow work order schedule time.
At last we can say BTS GROUP has a group of committed, experienced, talented and earnest executives in its management to obtain the aim and goal of the company.
May Allah fulfill all our exertion

Motoyakkal Billah Shiraji
BTS Homes Ltd