BTS Global EXIM (pvt) Ltd. has a strong young Energetic and Dynamic Management team those are always thinking about company’s activities and how can we rapidly improve our business.We strive to offer our clients the highest quality of products, while implementing the best sustainable manufacturing practices. Improve the quality of business practice through the practice of business ethics.We mean business, which is our final mission! We are here for making money by making profit from our good deals. As we mean so, we believe in being professional in business.

Specially with more than 12 years of business experience, Mr. Motoyakkal Billah Shiraji, The Chairman and CEO of BTS Global EXIM (pvt) Ltd, Holds the administrative key for this company. and Mr. Mokarram Billah Shiraji, Managing Director holds the fund arrangement and management key of the company. Mr. Shiraji brothers have a tremendous track record of working in similar industry in the international arena, mostly in Asia market.

With their tremendous leadership skills, Mr. Shiraji brothers have been running the team of BTS Homes Ltd that ensures not only the quality of its products but also the support service that are needed for its clients. their integrity, dedication and sound technical knowledge gives BTS Global EXIM (pvt) Ltd the edge over its major competitors. The vision that Mr. Shiraji brothers have for its Company and the way the whole team is carrying it forward, this make BTS Global EXIM (pvt) Ltd as an extremely capable and skillful company with a huge growth potential in the coming days